World History

Analytical Research Paper

Sources for preliminary Research:

          • Your history textbook (What information does your textbook feel is important for you to know? Use this background information as a starting point to jump your research)
          • (You can maybe cite this source--can be too general)
          • (You can maybe cite this source--can be too general, instead try the library database-Biography in Context)

Developing a Topic & Thesis:

          • Browse the index list within each database to select a research topic
          • Also, scan this list of interesting book titles
          • Or, look through the table of contents in The History in Dispute Series to build your research question
          • Tips for writing your thesis statement

below are resources to assist you with your research project

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Library Databases:

Use these databases for general research articles to support your topic

Use these databases to learn about arguments and counter claims related to your topic

Or, click here for other Creek databases.

Search for Print Books:

CCHS Library Catalog - Search the library catalog for print resources on the library shelves and electronic access

Locating CCHS Print Sources

Try this list of Creek library books that may be helpful for your topic

eBook Collections:

Try these ABC-CLIO eBooks:



  • To get better Google search results, try typing site:edu, or site:org, or site:gov + name of topic


              • site:org "treaty of versailles"
              • site:edu pompeii
              • site:gov "pearl harbor"
  • To search for keywords on a web page or within an online document, click on Ctrl + F buttons and type in the search term in the drop down box
  • MLA Guide for Citing a Web Page
  • CCHS Website Evaluation Tool

Citation Help:

Citation Help

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