Is equality achievable?

Group Websites

Catalog: (CCHS Library>Catalog)

Print books –

  • Reference- look for books with REF at the beginning of the call number.
    • ex. REF 305.8 Enc Encyclopedia of Race & Racism
  • For non-fiction look for books that have an actual number at the beginning of the call number.
    • ex. 323.1196 Wil Civil Rights Movement
    • Use the 'Material Type" box on the left side of the page to limit books to reference or ebooks only: Click on: 'Online book' or 'Reference Collection' and 'Include'. Note: not all eBooks are listed in the catalog. If they are in the catalog, their call number will have "online" before the number.


Databases: (>Research Resources > Databases & eBooks)

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