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Analytical Research Paper

Instructor Assignment SheetS:

below are resources to assist you with your research project

Some of our electronic library resources may need these Creek login credentials

Developing a Topic & Thesis:

          • Browse the topic list within each databases to select an interesting research topic (US History in Context is a good place to start)
          • Tips for writing your Thesis statement

Library Databases:

Use these databases for general research articles to support your topic

Use these databases to learn about arguments and counter claims related to your topic

-This is also a great place to browse topics that might interest you

Search for Print Books:

CCHS Library Catalog - Search the library catalog for print resources on the library shelves and electronic access

Locating CCHS Print Sources

eBook Collections:

Try these ABC-CLIO eBooks:


Primary Sources:

Think about the people who left behind the primary source. Was what they knew different than what we know? How did they know it?


  • (You can cite this source but a lot of times it is too general. It is good for an introduction to your topic, not for depth.)
  • (You can cite this source but it can be too general, instead move to the library database-Biography in Context.)

  • To get better Google search results, try typing site:edu, or site:org, or site:gov + name of topic


              • site:org "treaty of versailles"
              • site:edu pompeii
              • site:gov "pearl harbor"

        • To search for keywords on a web page or within an online document, click on Ctrl + F buttons and type in the search term in the drop down box

Remember to be critical of any website you find on the general web!

Citation Help:

Citation Help

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