The Rich Morrow Math Challenge 2020

Welcome! The Rich Morrow Math Challenge is online this year!! On Dec 5th we'll offer our first ever ONLINE version of the RMMC! It will certainly be different, but hopefully fun for all.

Here's a link to our 2020 flyer.

Updated info (updated 10/16/20)

---The event will take place on Saturday, Dec 5th, as usual.

---We'll offer an online Individual Contest. Links for the individual contests will be emailed out, and must be completed between 8am and noon on December 5th. Calculators are allowed, and it will take 30 minutes.

---We'll also offer a fun, optional Mixed Team Round. Teams can have 2, 3 or 4 individuals. The individuals can be from different grades, and even different schools. It will be a "live" (synchronous) contest, and will be offered at two time slots (teams will choose either 10am and 11am). It will also take 30 minutes. Participants are encouraged to form their own teams, and consult their teachers or GT coordinators if they need help or advice.

---More details on the Mixed Team Round will be emailed out soon, but our recommendation is that each team will use Microsoft Teams or Zoom (or another platform) to join each other via video. Each team will choose a "captain" who will click the link and screenshare so that all team members can participate together. Teams will see their scores and rankings update in a live (hopefully super fun!) format. We plan to use Quizizz (a really fun, interactive online platform) for the Team Round.

---Students should be supervised by an adult (if possible) for both rounds and cannot consult books, friends, the internet, etc. while they work.

---An optional "practice individual contest" and "practice team round" will be offered a few weeks before Dec 5th.

More Details:

---Any CCSD 3rd-5th graders may participated (schools are not limited to 9 students!)

---Awards will be given to top individuals.

---It's totally free!

Here's the link to sign up:

(remember, only 3rd-5th grade students in Cherry Creek School District may participate, though they may be doing either in-person or online this school year).

The details above are subject to change.