The Rich Morrow Math Challenge 2021

We did it! Thanks to everyone for a great 2021 RMMC, and congrats to all award winners! I hope the kids had a blast!

Here's a link to the awards. I'll be sending full scores and results to the coaches over Winter Break.


Top 10 from the 1st online "practice contest."

1st place: Tobin (Avocado Reilly) from Challenge2nd: Abigail (Plum Percival) from Dry Creek3rd: Tharun (Carrot Eowyn) from Challenge 4th: Maura (TOP 3rd grader!) from Rolling Hills5th: Karissa (Collards Caspian) from Challenge6th: Sriprajna (Chicory Cottontail) from Cherry Creek Academy7th: Noah (Vanilla Valjean) from Challenge8th: Katie (Jalepeno Jansen) from Cottonwood9th: Daniel (Oca Belden) from Heritage10th: Anshul (TOP 4th grader!) from Cherry Creek Academy
Here's the link to the contest, if you want to take some time to look through it. It was SUPER tough (sorry about that!)...but most math contests are. If anyone wants a full report of their results, email me ( and I can send it to you.


Top 10 from the 2nd online "practice contest." Hopefully everyone had fun!

1st place: William (Nectarine Twist) from Challenge2nd: Simon from Greenwood3rd: Noah (TOP 3rd grader)from Challenge 4th: Maura from Rolling Hills5th: Tanvi from Cherry Creek Academy6th: Girish from CMS7th: Cameron from Cherry Hills Village8th: Meredith from Heritage9th: Andrew from Cottonwood10th: Hiro and Akemi from Cherry Hills Village


If you have questions about other contest opportunities, or resources, or middle school contest opportunities, please check this page on this site. Or feel free to email me ( anytime.