Cold War

research Project

below are resources to assist you with your research project

Library Databases:

  • There are excellent primary & secondary articles on all these topics

Check out their resources for the

a vast amount of resources

-these 9 history databases are a good starting point for short, succinct articles

A good starting place for general information

Use if you are looking for information on a person in history (such as a president, military leader or Castro)

Useful for Vietam or Space Race topics

Print Books & eBooks:

Guide to Locating CCHS Print Sources

CCHS Library Catalog - Search the library catalog for print resources on the library shelves.

Brainstorm possible keywords and then search the catalog. Browse the shelves in the reference and non-fiction (stacks) areas.

Ask a librarian for help in locating a book that you found in the catalog

  • Cold War, a student encyclopedia
  • The Encyclopedia of the Cold War
(this eBook collection can be dense and awkward to dig through but rich with info - ask a librarian for help if needed)

This is an excellent place to start any historical research. Medium-length articles


-Click on 'Pictures & Photographs'

-or click on 'American Memory' for documents, letters, ads, etc.

Citation Help:

Contact a teacher-librarian for additional assistance: