ASL Famous Deaf Person Research Project


Famous Deaf Person Project

below are resources to assist you with your research project

Some of our electronic library resources may need these Creek login credentials


Video Help:

  • Follow these directions to export your finished video. Then share the url with your teacher.

  • Follow these directions to export your video to the desktop, then drag and drop the .mp4 into your google drive so you have a link to share with your teacher.

Library Databases:

Click HERE for additional databases that could be helpful. For instance, if your person is a famous scientist you may want to try a science database.


  • To get better Google search results, try typing site:edu, or site:org, or site:gov + name of topic


              • site:org "treaty of versailles"

              • site:edu pompeii

              • site:gov "pearl harbor"

  • To search for keywords on a web page or within an online document, click on Ctrl + F buttons and type in the search term in the drop down box

Citation Help:

Follow this link to MLA 8 citation resources

Contact a teacher-librarian for additional assistance: