Mission Statement

We aim to establish strong ownership of research safety within our laboratories—led by researchers, for researchers. We directly collaborate with our fellow graduate and post-doctoral researchers, our faculty and administration, and EH&S to address the specific safety needs of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. We strive to promote a positive safety culture in our department by disseminating targeted safety resources, providing opportunities for safety education and awareness, and bringing new safety initiatives to our community.

The Lab Safety Team Network

As a laboratory safety team, we are part of a growing national network of groups built and inspired through common connections and institutional needs. Our strong ties with other teams across the U.S. facilitates networking, teambuilding, and idea-sharing, allowing researchers across the nation to get involved with the front lines of safety.

ACS Chem. Health Saf. 2020, 27, 3, 170-182

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