We provide Ephesus Elementary students with an assortment of S.T.E.A.M. learning opportunities throughout the curriculum and special events.

Students in the primary elementary grades (K-1) use iPads to supplement curriculum and instruction. Our second grade students are using a combination touch-screen/Chromebook as a transitional device. Students in upper elementary grades (3-5) are now very used to working with their ChromeBooks. Our Art teacher, Mrs. Murphy, uses a cart of iPads for students to create artwork with digital tools not yet available for Chromebooks.

EES Digital Pilot Year 1

Ephesus began piloting teacher ChromeBooks in an effort to invest in more student devices, allowing us to have a 1:1 student-device ratio for the 2016-2017 school year. We learned a great deal about the "G-Suite" (formerly called Google Apps for Education) and how to leverage them for high quality teaching and learning.

Digital Teaching and Learning Expectations at Ephesus

In order to take advantage of digital learning opportunities, all students participate in class discussions at the beginning of the year. They agree to think F.A.S.T. with technology and provide examples based on their experiences from our first year with a device that every student cares for throughout the year.

Many of our classrooms and resource specialists are using Seesaw The Learning Journal as a resource.

Our Digital Learning team delivers lessons on responsible use and digital integrity through the Media-Technology Seesaw Class.

Feel free to use the Seesaw app as a way to have conversations at home about your child's learning. Each teacher has a private code they can share with you so you have access only to your child's learning journal. Your teacher partner may opt to have a password-protected class blog instead.

Download the app in the App Store or from Google Play Store from your Android device. Don’t have a smartphone? Sign up on a computer at app.seesaw.me.

It's free and keeps you connected to your child's learning all year.

EES Copy of Seesaw Family Intro Presentation

We've added earbuds to the school supply wish lists at every grade level. They are used when students record themselves for a variety of digital learning activities, as well as during testing if students receive accommodations.

We have found that for ease of use as well as sanitary issues, it is handy for each student to have their own set to use as needed when working on iPads, laptops and other digital devices.

If you have any concerns about the volume levels and your child's hearing, look for "Kid Safe" or "Volume Limiting" headphones. Headphones are available everywhere - including the Dollar Tree. Since students will not be sharing these, please mark them with your child's name (or put them in a ziplock bag marked with his or her name). Also, if you are able and would like to donate a few extra sets for other students we will happily accept them. Thanks so much!

Please do not purchase large, designer or expensive headphones.

Now in year 2 of our digital learning pilot program, we have many more digital learning and teaching opportunities at our fingertips. We work together as Digital Learning team to screen websites and apps for your child's data protection. If a particular resource is assessed to have potential benefits for learning but requires parental permission for use with children under 13, we adhere to the CHCCS district and board policies for Technology in the Educational Program.

CHCCS Technology Responsible Use Policy

If for some reason, you would prefer for your child not to be a participant in technology-enhanced learning, you have the option to print this District opt-out form and return it to the school personnel listed. We work closely with parents and families to address any concerns you have about CHCCS digital learning and teaching.

Your child's teacher can provide specifics about what resources are being used during Learning Academy. While many digital resources are used district-wide and throughout the grades at Ephesus, our educators are trusted professionals who choose the appropriate resource for the learning goals in the classroom.

Our teachers continue to sharpen their skill sets to help transition our digital natives from tech consumers to creative learners with digital integrity. We embed the CHCCS curriculum within classroom settings, in addition to mini-lessons in the Media Center, because lessons about staying focused, respecting copyright and the work of others, and staying safe online are best applied in the contexts in which learning opportunities arise. Special lessons are taught by our Media Specialist, Mrs. Akos, and our Digital Learning specialist, Ms. Mazur.

Some of our commonly used websites/apps by grade level

Copy of EES Digital Resources in Use