About the Library Collection

Library: a place in which literary, musical, artistic, or reference materials (such as books, manuscripts, recordings, or films) are kept for use but not for sale.

As gateways to knowledge and culture, libraries play a fundamental role in society. The resources and services they offer create opportunities for learning, support literacy and education, and help shape the new ideas and perspectives that are central to a creative and innovative society.

Public libraries play an important role in supporting education and literacy. They provide countless resources, such as educational materials, trainings, courses, scientific publications, etc. to visitors. Public libraries provide their services not only face-to-face, but some of them have also integrated e-learning.

Libraries play an essential role in local communities by providing access to information and resources, supporting literacy and education, promoting lifelong learning, and serving as a community gathering space. So the importance of libraries can be experienced by all community members.

Charmo Central Library

     Charmo University has a rich and well shelved library. This library has an approximate 18000 different books and titles in almost all scientific disciplines. It has books on humanities and natural sciences in Kurdish, Arabic and English languages.

Location of the library

     The library of Charmo University is located at the University campus in Bani-Maqan, the second floor of the building. It is located in Chamchamal, Sulaimani governorate.

The function of the library

      The library is one of the directorates of Charmo University. It is affiliated to deputy president for scientific and academic affairs. This directorate has the following functions:

1. Organization and registration of all the scientific resources books and journals in both humanities and natural sciences for all the readers in general and particularly for students and researchers. Also providing support for students and researchers when they need resources for their studies and researches.  Providing resources for all readers including students and researchers.

2. Coordination with cultural and educational stakeholders such as other academic institutions and intellectual centers, publishing houses and always seeking to find new resources for both students and researchers and making it easy for them to access all the resources they need.

3. Establishing and maintaining best scientific relationships with academic institutions, departments and different colleges, joint and collaborative scientific projects.

4. Providing an convenient environment for all and a variety of qualitative and quantitative resources so that we serve our beneficiaries in the best possible way including students, researchers, academics and lecturers.

5. Our reception and welcoming section always seeks to facilitate the finding of relevant resources in the shortest possible time and thus increasing the numbers of visitors and readers to our library and easy access to the resources.

Different Departments of the library

Our library has some different departments and or sections in order to regulate our works we are :

First: Department of Registration

This department registers all new resources like books and magazines and or any other sources and are provided to us through different stakeholders such as publishing houses, academic institutions, public personalities, authors and researchers especially those that are donated to us by them.

Second : Department of binding books

This department and or section has some staff employees whose main job is to fix and or amend and or bind all those resources which have been torn and been damaged and these staff members bind, cover and make it look like brand new.

Third: Section of Lending and Borrowing books

This is one of the main section of our library whose main job is to find and lend books to our readers according the terms and conditions we have, also providing all facilitations and supporting our readers in how to find the relevant resources they are looking for.

Fourth : Reading hall

Charmo University central library has a big hall for reading for all our students, researchers and any one who wants to visit us. This hall is the most convenient and peaceful place to read and continue your study. This hall has also a dedicated special place for all postgraduate students who are studying for diploma, MA and PhD degrees.

Fifth: Electronic Library and Internet Access

One of the main tasks and function of the central library is to provide an improved access to use the internet. We always do our best so that our readers benefit from the internet we provide so that our students benefit from academic and online sources. This section has a program and or priorities to establish an electronic library with the support and coordination of other scientific departments of the university, thus providing soft copies of needed scientific resources for all the readers.

Address: Directorate of central library

Mobile Number of director: 009647736993134

Email: hiwa.rafiq@charmouniversity.org