James Island Charter High School Trojans

What AVID is...

  • A program for "upper-to-middle" academic students. These students have the potential for honors/AP/IB work, but need academic support paired with rigor.

  • AVID combines rigor with support that includes each student's individual determination & the support of teachers & other AVID students.

What AVID is not...

  • an "at risk" program. It is designed to support students who would not otherwise attend and graduate from a 4-year university to do just that.

  • for students who fail to complete any of their homework.

  • for students who consistently earn "D"s & "F"s in their coursework.

  • for unmotivated students. AVID students must have individual determination.

A Typical AVID Candidate:

*has the potential and desire to attend a four-year college and...

*has appropriate classroom behavior

*earns mostly Bs & Cs in classes

*has a good attendance record

*has good work habits

*is willing to commit to enrollment in a rigorous college preparatory or honors sequence of courses.

The JICHS AVID students visited 2 of Trident Technical College's North Charleston and Berkely Campuses this month. In addition to campus tours and a chance to meet with TTC reps, students interacted with faculty & students in the Culinary Arts, Cosmetology, & Veterinary programs!

Check out the AVID Data below: