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GoEdustar Parent App

In addition to the Parents Online – Parent Portal, parents have access to the FREE go.edustar Parent App. This App will allow parents fast and easy access to their student(s) Grades, Attendance, Schedule and Personal Information.

Parents can download a FREE App from the online retailers based on the device they use.

Apple Products – Parents would visit the Apple App Store and search for go.edustar to download the free App.

Android products – Parents would visit the Google Play Store and search for go.edustar to download the free App.

Guide for go.edustar Parent App

Google Classroom running slowly?

How Google Classroom is handling increased usage

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, more schools around the world are turning to distance learning - and with that, we've seen a significant increase in Google Classroom usage. We are working around the clock to keep the services you rely on, like Classroom, up and running so you have the best possible experience.

If you experience any performance issues while using Classroom, you can try the following steps:

Only have Classroom open in one browser tab at a time.

Close any unnecessary windows or tabs.

Disconnect extra devices from your WiFi network.