Algebra 8 & Enriched Algebra

Central to our mathematics instructional program is a strong belief that all of our students should receive an equitable and inclusive experience where each has access to rigor as well as the differentiated support required to be appropriately challenged. Taking Algebra in 8th grade delays the negative impact of MS tracking, aligns with our inclusive philosophy, and affords all of our students the opportunity to reach Calculus as a senior - a significant diferentiator in the college admissions process.

Please use the form linked above to provide feedback to strengthen our Algebra 8 & Enriched Algebra Program.

Pillars of Math Instruction at CCSD

  1. Engagment: Classes will be lively, interactive, and age-appropriate as we engage our 8th-grade learners in rigorous course work.

  2. Rigor: All students can be appropriately challenged in the same setting through leveled assignments, assessments, and planful instructional practices.

  3. Growth Mindset: We will reinforce the “low-stakes” nature of Middle School coursework and support systems that support productive struggle in an academically safe environment.

  4. Opportunity: We will continue to offer a wide variety of 9th-grade offerings and are committed to preparing students to pursue their chosen paths.

  5. Support: Will will deploy a variety of ways to support learners using extra help, AIS, co-teaching, Greeley student tutors, and STEAM teachers.

  6. Achievement: We will closely track the growth of each student to ensure that each student continues on a path of success at Greeley.

Spring Events

April 26-27 - Math 8 Assessment

May 4th - Board of Education - Administrative Presentation

May 19th - Board of Education Algebra Update

May 19th - Board of Education Video

May 20th - Letter to MS Parents

May 26th - Letter to MS Parents

June 8th - Board of Education Reccomendation of Program

June 16 - Algebra Regents Exam

June 17 - Webinar

June 22 - Board of Education Meeting - Algebra End of Year Data

May 4, 2022 - Board of Education Video - Algebra Presentation

Algebra Placement Webinar.mp4

June 16, 2022 - Algebra Recommendation Webinar