Université Paris-Saclay Artificial Intelligence Informatics Master

Caio Corro: Coordinator of the AI master program

with the help of François Landes (admissions and jurys), Marc Evrard (internship coordination) & Kim Gerdes

Alexandre Verrechia (UPsaclay) & Aurélie Lerasle (EIT digital): Administrative assistants

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Slides of the welcome meeting

Application dates for 2023

The AI master

The Paris-Saclay Informatics AI Master was founded in 2019 by Isabelle Guyon and is currently run by Caio Corro. It is a very selective 2-year master program with over 400 applicants at the first year entry level and only ~5% acceptance rate.  It inherited from a previous 1-year master2 program ran by Alexandre Allauzen. It includes a rigorous program with foundational courses and more advanced growth classes in machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing. It is taught by  17 professors, including 14 Université Paris-Saclay faculty and 3 external experts. 

The AI master is a "parcourse"  of the Université Paris-Saclay Informatics master. It delivers a master diploma in computer science in 2 years, recruiting at the BAC+3 level (license or bachelor). The classes are taught in English and include:

It provides a balance between theoretical and practical instruction.



Please note that starting from 2023, we are no longer offering the AI - EIT Digital track.