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Local Jewish Communities and Synagogues 

Synagogues with daily minyanim: 

Beit Midracsh - Etz Chaim

Location: Merckenburg 3, Amsterdam

Prayer Schedule: 

Shacharit: 7am, 8:15am

Mincha: 6pm

Mincha & Arvit: 7:45pm

Arvit: 10pm


Mincha/kabbalat shabbat: candle lighting time

Shacharit: 8:45am

Mincha: 1:15 hour before end of shabbat

Maariv: end of shabbat

Poruguese Synagogue - Esnoga

Location: Mr Visserplein 3, Amsterdam

Prayer times


Mincha and kabbalat shabbat at candle lighting time. 

Shacharit: 09:00

Shacharit: 08:15

Local Kosher Stores and Restaurants

Other Chabad locations in the Netherlands

Chabad in Amsterdam / Amstelveen

for further inquiries:

Rabbi & Rebbetzin I. Vorst - Affiliated with the Jewish Community of Amsterdam

Rabbi & Rebbetzin D. van Praag - Affiliated with the Sinai Centrum 

Rabbi & Rebbetzin Z. Spiero - Affiliated with Jewish Burial Society

Rabbi & Rebbetzin J. Huisman - Affiliated with Jad Rafel 

Rabbi & Rebbetzin Y. Jacobs - Chabad on Campus & Chabad Amsterdam South

Rabbi & Rebbetzin A. Camissar - Chabad for Israelis  (located in Amstelveen)

Rabbi & Rebbetzin D. Pinkovitcz - Chabad for Tourists (Located Amsterdam)

Rabbi & Rebbetzin M. Evers - Affiliated with the Cheider School 

Chabad in Amersfoort

Rabbi & Rebbetzin S. Evers - Affiliated with the Jewish Community of Amersfoort

Rabbi & Rebbetzin B. Jacobs -  Affiliated with the Inter Provencial Opper Rabbinaat

Chabad in Almere

Rabbi & Rebbetzin M. Stiefel

Chabad in Eindhoven

Rabbi & Rebbetzin S. Steinberg - Affiliated with the Jewish Community of Noord Brabant

Chabad in Lelystad 

Rabbi & Rebbetzin S. Shusterman - Chabad of Lelystad

Chabad in Rotterdam

Rabbi & Rebbetzin  Y. Vorst - Affiliated with the Jewish Community of Rotterdam

Chabad in the Hague

Rabbi & Rebbetzin S. Katzman - Affiliated with the Jewish Community of The Hague

Chabad in Heemstede

Rabbi & Rebbetzin S. Spiero - Affiliated with the Jewish Community of NIG Noord Holland Noord West. 

Chabad in Utrecht

Rabbi & Rebbetzin A. Heinz

Chabad in Maastricht

Rabbi & Rebbetzin A. Cohen - Affiliated with the Jewish Community of Limburg

Chabad in Nijmegen

Rabbi & Rebbetzin M. Levine- Affiliated with the Jewish Community of Nijmegen 

Chabad on Campus Netherlands - Serving (Jewish ) students and faculty members on all universities and colleges (hogescholen) across the Netherlands: 

Eindhoven University of Technology

University of Twente 

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen 

TU Delft

Universiteit Leiden

Wageningen University

Maastricht University 

Radboud University

Tilburg University

Erasmus University Rotterdam 

Vrij Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam

Universiteit Utrecht

Open Universities