Joseph T. McBride Media Center

Cedar Grove High School , Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

Welcome to the Joseph T. McBride Media Center!

The media center is open for student use between 7:30 AM and 3 PM Monday through Thursday. Friday hours are 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Students can determine which days the media center is opening early by clicking on the calendar tab. A list of days for the next month is posted at the end of the current month.

When the media center is not open don't forget about our research databases and the resources of the Cedar Grove Free Public Library. Not only do they have a variety of print resources but they also have databases and e-books available online by clicking on their name above and putting in your public library card number.

Find print and ebooks through this link

Media Center Rules

The high school Administration, Media Specialist, Faculty and Staff are committed to providing an excellent environment conductive to study and research. To assure that appropriate conditions for research activities are maintained, the following library rules will be observed.

Failure to comply with library rules may result in loss of library privileges or the imposition of other sanctions appropriate under the circumstances.

1. Library users shall refrain from any behavior or conduct that disturbs the library’s environment as a place for study and research.

2. Library users shall not treat library materials, equipment, property or grounds in a careless or destructive manner.

3. Noise levels shall remain within the norms of typical library activity. Quiet group discussion and work is limited to single table work stations. Tables are provided for those engaging in quiet group discussion.

4. Library users shall not enter the Media Center Office—staff work area—without staff permission.

5. Library users shall not move furniture without permission from the staff or Media Specialist.

6. The Media Center is set aside for academic work; Loitering, Socializing, or “Hanging Out” is not permitted. Those determined not to be on task will be asked to leave the Media Center.

7. Food or drink are not to be brought into, nor consumed in, the library.

8. Use of the public workstations and wireless network shall conform to the district Acceptable Use Policy. If others are waiting for a computer you will be asked to limit your time to 30 minutes.

9. Library users shall not harm or harass any other students or teachers.