Department of Curriculum & INSTRUCTION

Welcome to the Cedar Grove Public Schools

Department of Curriculum and Instruction!

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction (DCI) works with district teachers and leaders to ensure that the highest quality curriculum, instructional strategies, and materials are provided to all students. This high quality educational environment creates the conditions for students to develop their academic capacities to deal critically and creatively in participating in the positive transformation of the world around them. The DCI provides sustained professional development opportunities for all staff, facilitates textbook adoptions, coordinates assessments, and provides ongoing review of course content to ensure alignment to state academic standards. In addition, the department regularly disaggregates data from multiple sources including the LinkIt! Data Warehouse, New Jersey State Learning Assessments (NJSLA) and other in-district evaluation tools.

As a department, we are deeply rooted in the belief that we are here as a resource and support with shared accountability. We revel in our experiences as classroom teachers and work as administrators to create a culture where every student can enter his/her/their classrooms with a teacher who is prepared to facilitate the expectations of today and meet the demands of tomorrow.

Staff Development

Teaching and learning are the heart of our schools.

An unknown educator said, "You cannot be a master teacher until you are a master learner." The DCI is committed to providing learning opportunities for all members to evaluate instructional practices and delivery, develop meaningful assessments and consequently increase student achievement. Training also includes support in infusing Social Emotional Learning via the 7-Mindsets as well as infusing lessons founded in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. With input from our district Professional Development Committee and staff, the administrative team establishes focused inservices to disaggregate data, diagnose student deficiencies, understand current use of technology and foster articulation between grade levels and departments - all for the purpose of supporting student growth. A partnership with the Montclair State University Network for Educational Renewal We are excited to exemplify instructional practices that ensure our teachers are prepared to engage and ignite our scholars!

We pledge to embrace change as we actively pursue best practices that will strengthen our administrative team, teachers, support staff, students, and community obligation to educate every student so they are able to compete in the global society.

Academic Programming

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction stands committed to providing leadership in the development and understanding of curricula, as well as its implementation. In full alignment with the district’s vision to prepare all students for college and careers, the DCI aligns our work with state and national standards, including the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS), Next Generation Science Standards, and the Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders.

Large portions of our work in the area of academic planning concentrate on curriculum revisions and alignment. We intend to continue to develop curricula from Pre-K and Kindergarten through Grade 12 that are impactful, inspiring, and meet student learning needs, while ensuring that administrators, teachers, support staff, students, and parents are all able to understand and access all academic areas as outlined in NJSLS.

As we embark on a new year, the DCI will move with a sense of urgency towards overall student achievement. Our focus will be refined, structured, and consistent with the needs that have been outlined by observations, informal walkthrough, and student assessment data. As a professional learning community we will make data-informed decisions, create lessons that are culturally relevant, be innovative, and provide experiences that will make our students lifelong learners.