Where would the new high school be located?

In 2017, the board approved the purchase of 50 acres of land from UNI with the intention of building a new high school, which is west of UNI Dome and McLeod Center.

What will students get out of being close to the UNI campus?

Doing so would allow for a more robust partnership with the university, providing a greater variety of course offerings for our high school students. Currently, Cedar Falls High School has approximately 70 students per year that take courses on the UNI campus. Although the current high school is roughly the same distance from the center of campus as the proposed new location, walkability and access to the campus would be greatly enhanced. This would allow for the potential expansion of UNI bus services and a better flow of transportation at this site. By working with the University of Northern Iowa, we could provide better facilities to students while reducing costs.