Picture taken by J.Phelan

Every single test item, booklet, pencil, you name it, leaves the testing office with a few things unconditionally:

It takes a community. One precious child, young adult, leader at a time. They were born for greatness! No test will ever deny that fact. It is determined by every step forward. 


Testing Team


To all of our new Bears, 

This is going to be a great year! You are a Bridgeland Bear. We can't wait to see you. If you haven't visited BHS yet, expect your first walk-through to be mixed with equal parts awe and wonder. Take everything you know about schools and zip it in a clear, pencil bag. A few nuances: walls are peppered with inspiration, color & height. Hallways can be straight and curved. Get used to looking up and not just in the tower. Hardwoods for ceilings, 'floating' lights & an LGI that peaks over the fourth floor. Grand Parkway looks beautiful from the library's two-story, glass wall. All of this is for you, because the brick and mortar houses the most wonderful staff as well as our most treasured gift. You.  It's going to be an outstanding year.

~ Welcome to Bridgeland  ~

Testing Coordinator: Jennifer Phelan

jennifer.phelan@cfisd.net  / 832-349-7600 

*Email might be the best way to catch me especially during testing months.