Bridgeland's Got Talent

Bridgeland's Got Talent

What: A showcase of Bridgeland talent with proceeds going to Texas Children's Hospital

When: Friday, May 10th at 7:00

Where: Bridgeland Auditorium

Bridgeland's Got Talent Tickets

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Tickets are $10 each and proceeds go to Texas Children's Hospital. Come support our Bears and a great cause!!!

Do you have a talent? Do you secretly (or not so secretly) long to be a Star?

We are looking for unique, school appropriate quality performances to showcase all the talents we have at Bridgeland High School!

Come share your talent in Bridgeland’s Got Talent, a Talent Showcase on Friday, May 10, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

Where: Bridgeland Auditorium

Rules and Guidelines

  1. All participants must be active Bridgeland High School students.
  2. Students are only allowed to participate in one act.
  3. The performance categories include: vocal (solo, duet, ensemble), Instrumental (solo, duet, ensemble), Theater/Drama (dramatic, poetry reading, monologue, comedy routine), or Dance (tap, jazz, modern, ballet and hip hop).
  4. There are no prizes. This is to showcase Bridgeland talent. All profits will go to Texas Children’s Hospital.
  5. It is strongly recommended that an act run no more than 3 minutes. Under no circumstances may an act run more than 5 minutes.
  6. Each act must provide their own costumes, props, music, etc. These should not be so elaborate they can not be set up and removed quickly.
  7. A legible copy of the lyrics/script must be provided to the judges at the audition.
  8. The lyrics, actions and dress code of any entry must comply with all policies for student conduct at Bridgeland High School. All themes must be appropriate for school. Any act that contains profanity, sexual language, suggestive sexual themes or violence will not be allowed. In other words, performers may not sing about, discuss or pantomime any activity that students could not actually say or do on school grounds.
  9. Students must comply to behavior expectations during auditions, rehearsals and performance. If students are disruptive they will automatically be removed from the showcase.
  10. All participants in an act must be able to attend auditions on Monday, April 15th as well as the rehearsal on Wednesday, May 8th and the performance on Friday, May 10th.
  11. Each act must audition EXACTLY as it will perform the night of the showcase. This means all props, costumes, music, etc. that will be part of the performance must be used during the audition. If any of these changes the night of the performance, the act will be stopped immediately.
  12. At auditions, the judges will be looking for acts that are unique, school appropriate and quality performances.