An image display and visualization tool for astronomical data

New Features of SAOImageDS9 version 8.4.1

Advanced View

DS9 gets a whole new look: the Advanced View. Once users get to know DS9's capabilities, they quickly tire of having to click through so many levels of menus to access the feature they want. With the Advanced View, DS9 has implemented icons that provide one-click access to many of the most common tasks: file open, region shape, bin/block/zoom, frame controls, and so much more.

Illustrate Mode

Overlay graphics, text, and images onto your DS9 window for presentation purposes. In illustration mode, users create graphics to be overlayed independent of underlying frames and colorbars. Export as png image or print as postscript.

Fade Mode

Similar to Blink Mode, Fade Mode displays each frame, transitioning from the current to the next, and can be saved as a GIF movie