An image display and visualization tool for astronomical data

SAOImageDS9 8.3rc is now available for download

New Features of SAOImageDS9 version 8.2.1


New Themes (Dark Mode and others) are supported for all Linux, Windows, and MacOS X11 ports. Select from a number of suggested themes, to control the appearance of all windows, plots, and dialogs. MacOS Aqua continues to support native Light and Dark Modes.

Themes are accessible via Edit ⇾ Preferences ⇾ General


New built-in Prism feature, display and analyze FITS file structure, similar to CIAO Prism application. Examine all extensions, including headers and table data. Generate 2D and Histogram plots directly from column data.

Prism is accessible via File ⇾ Prism

Footprint Server

New Footprint Server support for Chandra and Hubble Legacy Archive. Overlay observations onto images. Filter, sort, and select individual observations from catalog dialog.

Footprint Server is accessible via Analysis ⇾ Footprint Servers


Improved support for Plot Dialogs, including new control panel GUI. Multiple graphs per plot, multiple datasets per plot are supported. Layout plots in grid, row, column, or strip order. Backup current plot to be restored at later date.

The Control Panel GUI is accessible from any Plot window via File ⇾ Control Panel GUI