An image display and visualization tool for astronomical data

New Features of SAOImageDS9 version 8.1

Plot Tool

An all new plot tool is now available. Each plot tool dialog can contain one or more graphs, arranged in row, column, or grid order. In addition, a new strip plot layout is also available. Support for line, bar, or scatter graphs are provided. Each graph has its own set of display parameters and can contain one or more data sets. Each plot dialog maybe printed as a postscript image, or exported as tiff, png, jpeg, or gif.

Animated GIFs

The movie feature now supports animated GIFs. 3D data cubes, or a sequence of multiple frames can be animated, and saved as an animated GIF to be displayed on the desktop, in twitter or on a web site.

MacOS Dark Mode

The MacOS Aqua version now supports 'Dark Mode' for MacOS Mojave and Catalina users. The appearance of all dialogs, menus, and displays will be rendered based on the current MacOS appearance settings.