2019 Schedule

2019 MHB Summit Schedule - Monday (2).pdf

Building on the Strengths of Young People: A Trauma Informed, Resilience-Building Strategy

This talk will first summarize the three foundational frameworks that prepare us to develop children capable of thriving through good and difficult times – positive youth development, resilience, and trauma informed care. It will cover the proven effects of childhood trauma and adverse childhood experiences on the brain, body, and behavior throughout the lifetime. It will then introduce the essentials of delivering trauma-informed care and offer a few strategies to APPLY these principles in our work with children and youth. It will focus on the imperative of restoring a sense of control back to people who have been traumatized.

  • The participant will have a grasp on the behavioral change process and how a strength-based approach combats the demoralization that can paralyze behavioral change progress.
  • The participant will be better prepared to eliminate shame from interactions by focusing on building confidence in youth. They will understand that confidence has to be rooted in existing competencies.
  • The participant will understand how to communicate with youth in a way that builds on their existing strengths rather than undermines their forward movement. This objective focuses on shifting away from approaching youth with lectures and giving control back to people from whom it has been taken away.
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Tuesday, September 24, 2019 Session Descriptions