Central Local LPDC

Local Professional Development Committee

Members:Steve ArnoldJosh HoeppnerTracy Robinson - ChairpersonJulee BaylissSally Miller

2023- 2024 Meetings:

Aug. 24, 2023

November  15, 2023

January  10, 2024

March  6, 2024

May 28, 2024

The purpose of the Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) is to review coursework and professional development activities proposed and completed by educators to determine if state certification and licensure requirements have been met for renewal purposes.

To renew your state certification(s) and/or license(s), you will need to complete professional development activities totaling 18 CEU's per renewal period. Your LPDC approves and keeps record of your professional development activities to assist in the renewal process.

Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) Tips:

The Employee Kiosk is where you will fill out the IPDP. Please open the link and also follow the step by step directions linked above  to guide you through the process. 

STEP 2: Activity Form - Electronic Version

The Employee Kiosk is where you will fill out your activity requests. Please open the link and also follow the step by step directions  to guide you through the process. 

Activity Form Tips:

Select the appropriate link for the directions that apply to you.

Use these two buttons if you want to/have filled out a pre-approval.   A pre-approval is not required.  However, if you are unsure whether your PD will be acceptable, it is best to do a pre-approval.



Use this button if you did not complete a pre-approval. If you have filled out a pre-approval, click the button above.


Once you have 18 or more CEU's, you may renew your certificate(s)/license(s) beginning January 1 of the year of expiration.

If you have any questions, contact one of the LPDC members for assistance.


Are you leaving our district? Do you need to transfer your LPDC credit to another district?