Cedarville Student Involvement

With over one hundred academic, student, and sports organizations, Cedarville University provides a wide range of opportunities for students to get involved.

Looking to get involved?

We call each student organization an "ORG" for short. All ORGs serve a particular purpose and meet throughout the year to carry our their specific goals, build community, and ultimately fulfill the mission of the university.

Check out our active ORGs here!

Involvement Fair at Cedarville

Cedarville hosts the annual Involvement Fair to make sure that students are aware of the many opportunities available to them including local ministries and student ORGs!

Thanks to the numerous Student ORGs on campus, weeks are filled with a variety of unique events. These range all the way from service projects to all-you-can-eat dumpling nights to campus-wide treasure hunts. So whenever you find yourself with nothing to do and wanting something new, you know what to do! Check out our Events Calendar here!

Have any questions? Check out our FAQ page or get in contact with us!