A Little About Me

My name is Wendy Stone and I consider myself to be a self taught, self proclaimed Technology Geek! This is my 11th year at Center Drive School and my 10th year in my current position running The Tech Lab. I am fully passionate about this program and what it has become. I am a life learner who fully enjoys exploring what's new in technology and sharing it with all the curious minds that come through the door! I also appreciate and enjoy all that I learn from them!

I also run the Maine Studies camping program here at Center Drive School which takes all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students camping each year. Oh, and in my spare time, I enjoy hiking, climbing mountains, and being outdoors! This is me on top of Katahdin, Summer 2017.

How it Became & Where is it Going

You may recall a place in our school called the "Computer Lab". Well, that was yesterday...and this is today! You see, we have expanded our program to a point where "Computer Lab" just does not fit the description of this new space, what it is used for, nor our vision of what it will be in the future. We have expanded our program to include so much more than just "using computers" that we felt it necessary to give ourselves a new name, and hence was born "The Tech Lab"! A space where students come to use their curious minds to explore, dream, and create using the technology that has been put in their hands. A place where we are learning how to use technology to enhance learning and support growth. A place where we are pairing technology with students individual strengths, talents, and interests to develop the creative minds that will become our next generation.