Ms. Johnson's World

Welcome to Eighth-Grade!

It is hard to believe, but the last year of middle school is upon us! I am looking forward to another productive year at Center Drive School. Some things we can look forward to are the Maine Studies trip, making incredible book trailers, an up close look at the Holocaust of World War II, and a formal debate- yes, you too will have the opportunity to learn how to argue to win!

General information and announcements about what is going on in ELA will be located on the "What's Happening in ELA" page.

Of course, another big part of this final year at CDS is graduation and our class day. This is made possible by, and completely determined by, fundraising. Basically, the more fundraising we do the better the day is. I am the class graduation adviser and will be asking for volunteers throughout the school year. This website will be a great place to see announcements and requests for help. I have created a page specifically for this purpose, but I will also be emailing announcements. I thank you in advance for helping make our class day and graduation a success!

School Supplies

There are no particular supplies beyond the ordinary for eighth graders. This is the time where they should be developing an organizational system that works best for them. They will all need the basics of pencils, notebooks, and perhaps a few folders. Please talk to your student and discuss what would help them be the most successful.

Contact Information

The best bet if you need to contact me is to start with an email. If you would like for me to call you back we can arrange a convenient time.