Twinfield ART

Grades PK - 8

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What We Learn in ELEMENTARY Art

From Pre-K through 5th grade, all Twinfield students move through a sequential art curriculum designed to help every child find creative confidence, master foundational art-making skills, and understand basic art vocabulary. Art lessons engage brains as well as hands through visual problem-solving, experimentation and reflection. For young children, the language of pictures is parallel to the language of words, and research shows that a rich visual arts education supports literacy development. Exposure to art history and multicultural art helps put their art-making into a broader context and foster appreciation for diverse cultures and traditions.

Studio Centers & Student Choice 

The TUS Art Curriculum incorporates a learner-directed approach known as Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB). This approach emphasizes the development of artistic thinking skills and habits, teaching children to develop their own projects and work in the art studio with creative independence. See my TAB page (Teaching for Artistic Behavior, above) to read more about this approach to art education. I also post photos on Instagram.

MIDDLE SCHOOL Art Explorations

In grades 6-8, art classes are part of the Explorations rotations, along with music, PE, and World Languages (6 classes per year of 6.5 weeks each). These mini-courses allow students to take a deep dive into the artforms they love best-- be it clay, drawing & painting, sculpture, or fiber arts. 

Art projects are also integrated into core subject areas, especially in grade 6. Past integration projects have included 'Tenets of Democracy' Murals, Artist-Scientist Sketchbooks, Mathematical Stained Glass, and hand-drawn US State Maps. These projects enrich learning in core subject areas and extend the visual arts experience.