Jacq Stein

Here to help YOU in YOUR learning

About me:

This is my second year teaching at Twinfield, though I've had a diverse repertoire of experiences in other Vermont schools. I wanted to become a teacher because I wanted to help students feel empowered and safe to learn. I am lucky that I am able to offer my experience and love of the English Language Arts to help students succeed in reading, writing, and other literacy in their time as learners at Twinfield. Students may chose to work with me to increase their ability to access the materials across disciplines. I hope to be available to offer support in classes and by scheduled appointment. 

Outside of school, I spend time playing Minecraft with my partner and our two black cats. Fall is my favorite time of year because I love the crisp Autumn weather. I love to read, but can't often find the time to indulge unless I am at the beach. I love to create art and other crafts, as well as vintage restoration on well loved items and clothes. I look for rainbows and moments where the sun beams spotlight our lives.

If you are a student looking for help with an assignment (whether it be an essay, college application, etc), please schedule an appointment with me using my You Can Book Me calendar!