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Driver Education

Welcome to Driver Education! There are many resources for you on this site whether you are in the Night Class, Day Class or Online Class.

If you have issues or questions contact the instructors:

  • Kris Siddoway: 435.764.2969
  • Kirk Hillyard: 435.881.7078

General Information

Drivers Education #9130

Fees: $135/School day classes $165/Summer & Evening classes

A Learners Permit must be obtained from the Driver License Division (110 East 700 South - phone: 752-0332) by taking and passing the State Written Test BEFORE attending the first day of class.

OPTION 1 - School Day: Enroll in the course to be taken during the school day. The cost is $135.00. This option fulfills the 27 hours of face-to-face instruction time required by the state.

OPTION 2 - Night Class: You can reserve your spot in a session of the night classes by sIgning up and paying the fee of $165.00 on-line in PowerSchool through SchoolPay. The class sessions are posted below. There are seven classes with four-hour class periods. The classes MUST be taken in order and all classes completed. If you are unable to attend all seven classes during a session, you MUST complete the class you miss in another session. For example, if you miss class #3 in the November session, you must make-up class #3 in another session, like January or March, etc. Students may not miss class #1 of the session they are signing up for. This option fulfills the 27 hours of face-to-face instruction time.

OPTION 3 - Online: We highly recommend students try to take one of the two face-to-face options above; however, there is an online option available to students that can't fit the other options into their schedule. The cost is $165.00. You can reserve your spot in the class by sIgning up and paying the fee of $165.00 on-line in PowerSchool through SchoolPay. Students should plan on this class taking the required 30 hours of online instruction to complete. This only completes the curriculum part of the licensing process. The behind the wheel instruction with a Sky View instructor begins after the course is completed.

ATTENTION STUDENTS AND PARENTS: As a result of the new Learner Permit Law, a 15-year-old student can now obtain a permit to drive when he or she has reached the age of fifteen.

Before attending the first class, you MUST obtain a Learner Permit from the Driver License Division (110 East 700 South – phone: 752-0332) by taking and passing the State Written Test. You are required, by Utah Law, to have the permit at least SIX MONTHS prior to obtaining a license (even if you are already 16). It would be best to take a class approximately six months prior to reaching age sixteen.

You will need to complete the 27 instruction hours, all instructional drives, and have a Learner Permit for six months prior to obtaining a Driver License at age sixteen.

Why should I take Driver Education so soon?

  • To have the knowledge to practice effectively with your parents (i.e., right of way laws, maneuvers, proper driving techniques).
  • To develop good habits rather than unsafe practices that may have to be corrected in order to pass the Driving Test.
  • The night class (option 2) will save an elective choice in your high school schedule. This class would be great for those who participate in extra-curricular activities, or those who intend to take AP or Concurrent Enrollment classes.

Will the grade I receive for Driver Education affect my Grade Point Average?

Yes, if taking the class during the school day. If taking the night class or online class you have the option of taking the class on a Pass/Fail basis or for a grade. If you choose the Pass/Fail option, you will NOT receive high school credit toward high school graduation. You will have completed what the State of Utah requires of you to obtain a Driver License only. If you choose to take the class for a grade, it will become part of your high school transcript and will therefore be part of your GPA. You will have your final grade before you have to make this decision; however, once the decision is made, it is final.

What will I have to complete before I can get my license?

  • You must obtain the Learner Permit from the Driver License Division. This is accomplished by passing the State Written Test.
  • You must take and pass Driver Education. Attendance of 27 hours must be completed before you are eligible to obtain a license. (three options available, see above)
  • Complete all instructional drives: (scheduled with Sky View instructors)

Drives to complete:

o Range Drive

o #1 Highway Drive

o #2 City Drive

o #3 Maneuver Drive

o #4 Test Drive

Cost and Restrictions of the Summer/Evening Course: (Option 3)

  • Classes will be capped at 90 students.
  • Class fee of $165 MUST be paid online on PowerSchool through SchoolPay to reserve your seat in the class (this fee covers the entire cost of the course: all instruction, all drives, and all supplies).
  • Priority for seats in the class will be based on: first to sign up and pay, birth date, permits, and eligibility date.
Night Class Schedule 2020-2021.docx

To obtain a Learner Permit:

The minimum age to apply for a learner's permit in the state of Utah is 15 years old. Note that applicants 15 years old will not be eligible to receive their permit until they turn 16 years old.

Bring to your local driver license office:

    • Your parent/guardian.
    • A completed Learner Permit Application (Form DLD6a).
    • Proof of age (valid, unexpired U.S. passport, certified copy of birth certificate, Consular Report of Birth Abroad).
    • Proof of Social Security number (Social Security card, W-2 form, pay stub showing name and SSN).
    • 2 documents proving residence (bank statement, school transcript, utility bill).
    • Payment for the $15 learner's permit fee.

Taking the Utah Written Permit Test

The written exam comprised of 50 questions is based on information about state-specific traffic laws, road signs, and safe driving techniques discussed in the Utah Driver Handbook. To help you prepare, the DLD provides a basic practice test. Our suggestion is to take your preparation to the next level with a comprehensive online practice test from our approved partner. Practice tests to help students prepare for this written test can be found HERE or under the Resources & Links tab.

  1. You are allowed 2 attempts to pass per day.
  2. If you fail the permit test 3 times, you must pay your learner's permit fee ($15) again.

In addition to passing the written exam, you will need to pass an eye exam and complete a medical questionnaire. Your parent or legal guardian will also need to sign for financial responsibility.

Cache County Driver License Division - 110 E. 700 S.