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Auditions: August 9-11, 2021

Performances: November 18-22, 2021

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What's CHAPLIN about?

Chaplin, the musical, tracks the life and changing fortunes of the famous silent movie star, Charlie Chaplin. In 1913, Chaplin arrived in Hollywood aged just 24 years old. He experienced a meteoric rise from an unknown, small-time London music hall performer to becoming one of the richest, most famous man in the movie business. His iconic role as The Little Tramp propelled him to stardom but fame and notoriety posed its own challenges for Chaplin. With three failed marriages, a paternity suit, and a ruthless journalist determined to expose him as a communist, Chaplin’s fall from grace was meteoric and he spent the remainder of his life exiled in Switzerland. Charlie Chaplin: The Musical moves backward and forward throughout time, exploring how Chaplin’s childhood and inner insecurities shaped Hollywood’s greatest star….and also created his biggest problems. Finally, he is able to escape his past with the help of one woman--Oona O’Neill. Her unconditional love and support allow Chaplin to truly be himself and let go of The Little Tramp.

About Us

The Sky High Players are a group of talented young actors and actresses with amazing faculty advisors. We put all of our efforts into our productions to assure you have a great experience with theatre.


Great shows are made with a great community. Donations go to our production budget to make sure we put on the best family friendly production we are able.