Audition information

What you need to know for auditions:

  1. Auditions for Singin' in the Rain will be in person on Monday, November 1 from 3-6:00 p.m. in the drama room. You will need to sign up for an audition time, fill out an audition application, and prepare a song and acting sides (see details below).

  2. Prepare:

  • A 32-bar cut from a musical song in the style of the musical.

  • An acting side from the provided sides.

  1. Provide at your audition:

  • Your audition application

  • A list of all conflicts from November 16 - March 5.

  • A resume or performance experience sheet.

  1. Callbacks will be by invitation after auditions on Monday, November 1.

  2. Students who are not cast in Singin' in the Rain will have the choice to enroll in the Theatre 1 production of Afraid of the Dark.

Singin in the Rain Audition Application.pdf
Singin in the Rain Audition Sides.pdf