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Technology Support

  • If parents/students have trouble connecting, logging-in or accessing a required program, please fill out this "Online Learning Form".
  • “Break and fix” tech support, such as a cracked screen, or headphone jack that does not work, should be reported by filling out this "Physical Damage Form".


NY Regents Exams

AP Updates

SAT Update

SAT Press Release from April 15th regarding the June SAT and future 2020 SAT administrations.


K-8 State Tests Suspended

  • The administrations of the 2020 elementary- and intermediate-level NY State assessments have been suspended for the remainder of this school year. This includes the following assessments:
      • 3-8 English Language Arts & 3-8 Mathematics Test
      • 4 & 8 Science Test
      • K-12 English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT)
      • 3-8 & HS Alternate Assessment (NYSAA)

PasSion project spotlight

i-Bounce PE boards

Letter to Parents

CCSD Field DAY 2020!


Join together to participate in a district wide FIELD DAY! Get out of the house, move around and get active! Log your activities on your school building's log.

Fill out THIS FORM when you complete an activity from the PE Boards!

i-Bounce boards & adventure boards

Letter to Parents

Middle school challenge boards

passion projects

Cultivate, showcase or teach your personal passion, talent, or a new skill that you just learned.

Identify a local or global problem. Brainstorm possible solutions, pick the best, produce it, and pitch it

Identify a person or group of people within your community who may need help.

physical education family challenge







A virtual cross-country road trip!

Created by: Pat Liu, Kendra Claussen & Kami Wright


Calendar UPDATE

All schools are now closed until Friday, May 15, 2020.

Governor's Announcement.

CCSD Calendar Summary

  • Monday, April 6th to Monday, April 13th: Student Remote Instruction (Schools and Facilities Closed)
  • Tuesday, April 14th (Day 3) to Tuesday, April 28th: iLearning (Schools and Facilities Closed)
  • Friday, May 15th: Students and Staff Return (as of 4/17/20)