2021-2022 Studio Art Collaborative Project!

The Portrait Project

One quarter of each year is spent in the Tech room working on a blended curriculum.
Exploration of Landscapes & Perspective with watercolor.

About Studio Art/Tech

Studio Art/Technology is an accelerated high school level course which meets every day for the entire school year. This is a foundation art course that introduces students to the Elements of Art & Principles of Design, while strengthening creative thinking and drawing skills, and is aligned with the 2017 HS 1 New York State Standards for the Arts. Through the studio projects, students will explore a variety of media and genres of art.

8th grade students enrolled in this course will receive high school credit. It is not an honors level class; therefore, the student's grade will not be weighted on the HS transcript. Students may find it necessary to attend extra help or work outside of class time in order to keep up with this advanced class.

In addition, students will complete work to fulfill the 8th Grade Technology requirements through this class. Each class will move to E 102 for one quarter to partner with Mr. Neil for integrated Art/Tech projects. This work is graded as part of the Studio Art/Tech course.


Email Ms. Petricone at Lpetricone@ccsd.edu or use Google Classroom to send a message.

Extra Help

Studio Art/Tech Extra Help is held in B102 on Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings.

  • When your class is meeting in E102, please use Mr. Neil's Extra Help.


The following supplies are needed for Studio Art/Tech:

  • Letter sized folder with pockets and loose leaf paper (at least 20 sheets)

In a gallon sized ziploc bag, labeled with your name and period:

  • At least 4 Pencils - regular #2 and mechanical pencils

  • Eraser - preferably a white eraser

  • Hand pencil sharpener (not battery powered)

  • A gallon size ziploc bag to hold your supplies