Matoaca High School Yearbook

Seniors and parents of seniors, this is the slide show shared on Friday, Sept. 30.

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HERE'S TO A NEW SCHOOL YEAR! The 2022-2023 yearbook staff poses for their annual staff portrait in August. Row 1: Morton Smith, Jayla Curley, Bryshaunna Thomas, Bryshayla Thomas, Faith Temple, Bailey Myers, Nicole Rogers, Jada Coleman, Ta'nylah Mason-Bronson. Row 2: Ian Larkin, Laila Raisley, Camryn Henn, Arianna Massenburg, Joseph Michalik, Dylan Mayton, Kaira Bradby, Alyvia Harrell, Rebecca Nunnally

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If you prefer for one of our Yearbook staff to make your ad, print and complete the form below. Cash or check only. Drop it off in the main office or have your student bring it to 1211.

In School Session Brochure GY23.pdf
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Meet your 2022-2023 yearbook staff

If you see these super students out, smile and check yourself- you might be in the yearbook.