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RSVP Instructions for In Person Worship

Please Call First to Confirm

Stay Vigilant!

We understand that many of our parishioners have been vaccinated, but we aren't there just yet. Stay vigilant and adhere to the below safety measures.

1. You MUST RSVP to the church office no later than Thursday of the week you plan to attend worship in person. 12 family units will be permitted to attend in person the first week. Singles count as one family unit. If we need to have a second worship service due to high demand we will.

2. Our parking lot service has been suspended due to the changing seasons and due to technical difficulties. Inquire by contacting the church office.

3. Face coverings or masks are MANDATORY!

4. Sanitize hands upon entering the church.

5. Dispose of any waste (plastic bag provided for communion elements) upon exiting the sanctuary.

6. Sanitize hands upon exiting the church.

· We ask for your grace in this situation. We have never been presented with such a challenge. As we enter this uncharted territory our goal is to provide a worship service that is honoring to Christ while keeping safety and health at a very high level.

Thanks!-CCC Reopening Task Force

Order of Worship


Fifth Sunday in Lent

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9:30 am




Call to Worship

Opening Hymn: Praise Him! Praise Him!



First Scripture Reading: Ephesians 1:3-14

Gospel Reading: John 6:51-69

Sermon: Rejected!

Prayer Hymn: Beneath the Cross of Jesus

Prayers of the People

Gloria Patri

Lord's Supper

Closing Hymn: Come, The Old Rugged Cross-v 1,2


Benediction Hymn: Go In Peace

*Choir Director: Chloe Raber