Mr. Whetsel

AP Biology, Biology, & Pre-AP Chemistry

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AP Biology Biology Pre-AP Chemistry     

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(Oct. 11th - 13th) Lesson Plan

Weekly Schedule 

Semester Exam Schedule

Materials for Class:

AP Biology Biology Pre-AP Chemistry

                    Highlighter, Pen & Pencil         Highlighter, Pen & Pencil   Highlighter, Pen & Pencil

                    Paper Paper   Paper  

                    Colored Pencils Colored Pencils                                   Colored Pencils

                    1.5 or 2.0 inch binder w/8 dividers 1.5 or 2.0 inch binder w/ 12 dividers           1.5 or 2.0 inch binder w/4 dividers         

                   Composition Notebook                                 Composition Notebook                                               Composition Notebook

                   Calculator                                                    Calculator                                                                   Calculator


 Grading Policy 

60% - Summative (Test & Projects)

40% -Formative (Quizzes, Labs, & Daily Work)

Reassessment Policy

    -Max Score of a 90

         -Must be taken before next Test

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About me

I grew up in Texas and moved to Evans in 2018, I am married and have a daughter named Norah. I attended Angelo State University for my undergraduate degree and the University of Texas at Arlington for my masters in science curriculum and instruction.

I enjoy being outdoors, camping, and spending time with family. Being a teacher and helping students learn in a fun and engaging way is very important to me. I look forward to seeing all of you in class this year.

Pre-AP Chemistry Syllabus

Pre-ap Chemistry syllabus

Environmental Science Syllabus

Biology syllabus

Pre-AP Chemistry Syllabus

AP Biology syllabus