Vicki Stilwell Horne

Drama classes

About Me

This is my third year teaching at Lakeside and in Georgia, but I have had 28 years of experience teaching Drama in South Carolina. I graduated from the USC and am a proud Gamecock.

I love traveling with my husband and have two children who recently graduated from college. I also have two step-daughters and sons-in-law and the most perfect grandson.

Drama Class Information

In Drama classes, students will study stage basics, acting techniques, directing, and audience etiquette as well as a variety of plays and dramatic forms. I hope they will gain an appreciation and passion for the dramatic arts, with a sense of self confidence, leadership, and community.

2022-2023 Schedule:

1st period: Drama Arts 1

2nd period: Drama Arts 2

3rd period: Drama Arts 2

4th period: Planning

5th period: Drama Arts 1

6th period: Drama Arts 2

7th period: Drama Arts 1

Supply List

Paper/ Notebook

Blue or black ink pens/ pencils

Tissues/ hand sanitizer / Clorox wipes

Clipboard (to bear down on in class in the auditorium)

Contact Information

My contact information: Mrs. Stilwell Horne


I normally respond to email throughout the school day in a timely manner.

I will communicate upcoming deadlines for tests and projects on Google Classroom.

Please check Parent Portal to keep track of your progress. Grades are updated on a regular basis. This is also an important form of communication.

“All the world’s a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.” – Seán O’Casey