Vicki Stilwell Horne

Drama and English classes

About Me

This is my second year teaching at Lakeside and in Georgia, but I had 28 years of experience teaching Drama and English in South Carolina. I graduated from the USC and am a proud Gamecock.

I love traveling with my husband and have two children who recently graduated from college.

Drama Class Information

In Drama classes, students will study stage basics, acting techniques, directing, and audience etiquette as well as a variety of plays and dramatic forms. I hope they will gain an appreciation and passion for the dramatic arts, with a sense of self confidence, leadership, and community.

English Class Information

In 9th grade Literature and Composition, students will work to develop skills through structured study and independent reading of literary and informational texts. A variety of informational texts as well as four major types of literary texts—fiction, literary nonfiction, poetry, and drama—are read and viewed both inside and outside of class.

2021-2022 Schedule:

1st period: 9th grade Literature and Composition

2nd period: Drama Arts 1

3rd period: Drama Arts 1

4th period: Drama Arts 2

5th period: Drama Arts 1

6th period: Planning

7th period: Acting 2 & 3

Supply List

Paper/ Notebook

Blue or black ink pens/ pencils

Notecards (optional but useful for practicing vocabulary word drills)

Tissues/ hand sanitizer / Clorox wipes / Disinfectant cleansers

Clipboard (to bear down on in class in the auditorium)

Contact Information

My contact information: Mrs. Stilwell Horne


I normally respond to email throughout the school day in a timely manner.

I will communicate upcoming deadlines for tests and projects on Google Classroom and /or Google Calendar. You can also check your specific class link above for due dates.

Please check Parent Portal to keep track of your progress. Grades are updated on a regular basis. This is also an important form of communication.

“All the world’s a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.” – Seán O’Casey