Meet Our 

School Counselors

Kara Willis

Full-Time Counselor, K-5 Classroom Guidance Instructor, FIT Liaison


Bobbie Lou Shipman

Part-Time Counselor, Gifted-Contact, Hospital Homebound Contact


The Value of School Counseling

Education goes beyond academics and includes mental and physical development. School counselors work to educate children and prepare them for life’s many challenges. This involves teaching children about healthy coping strategies, conflict resolution, social skills, career opportunities, and other life lessons. These valuable lessons help children achieve academic success, choose a career path, and gain the skills necessary to maintain relationships (American School Counseling Association, 2019). This combination of counseling and education helps empower young people to make informed decisions in all aspects of their lives. Please reach out to the school counselor at Stevens Creek if you need access to counseling services, information, or resources.

Comprehensive School Counseling Plan

A Comprehensive School Counseling Plan (CSCP) is developed to support all aspects of student development including academic achievement, career readiness, and student support. CSCPs provide a high-quality level of support through collaboration, education, consultation, coordination, leadership, and advocacy. Furthermore, a CSCP provides preventive and systemic care that teach children how to overcome barriers to learning (Dollarhide & Saginak,2017).

Systems of Support

The CSCP at Stevens Creek aligns with other systems of support such as Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS).  This system of support offer students individualized care by determining their level of need through on-going evaluations and data collection.  In addition, the activities and goals of the CSCP align with the American School Counselor Association National  Model which provides mindsets and behaviors all students are encouraged to develop throughout their educational experience (ASCA, 2019).


The vision of the counseling department at Stevens Creek is to support each student and create a positive school climate that engages, enriches, and inspires each student to reach their full potential.



The Stevens Creek counseling department will work to maintain a positive and enriching school climate by collaborating with staff, families, and the community.  We also challenge and empower students to grow in all areas of their lives by addressing their academic goals, child development, and career readiness to prepare them for a lifetime of success.


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