Georgia Studies

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Class Information: Mr. Kirk and Mrs. Williams

  • Georgia Studies is comprised of material on the History, Geography, Government, and Economics of our state. Throughout the year we will study many units that touch on these topics.
  • Students will need a composition book for class. These will be used to make Interactive Student Notebooks (ISN) for the year. These will be kept in class, however, students may take these home to study for assessments.
  • Students may utilize and download the GPB App on any of thier devices to use a resource to the class. Additionally, we have sets of streams that we use in class that students may use to go to the GPB Education Website.
  • Grading: Each Nine Weeks we will have 4-5 Summative Assessments that will count for 80% of the grade. Additionally we will have 6- Formative Assessments that will count for 20% of the Grade. Summative Assessments can replace Formative Assessment grades. Students may reassess on Summative assignments provided that they come in for additional help from Mr. Kirk or Mrs. Williams. (*Nine Weeks Exams cannot be retaken.)


3/2 - Open Notes Formative on Civil Rights Movement. Recieve Exam Review Sheet.

3/3 - Go over Exam Review Sheet in Class. Quizizz Review.

3/4 - Quizizz Review. Work on ABC Civil Rights Book. Due Next Tuesday 3/11.

3/5 - Third Nine Weeks Exam

3/6 - ABC Civil Rights Book. counts as 1/2 of Unit 10 Summative.

If you need to reassess on any Third Nine Weeks Summatives, Please see Mr. Kirk ASAP. (Unit 7, Unit 8, or Unit 9)


Georgia Studies Teacher Notes for the Georgia Standards of Excellence in Social Studies:

Unit 1: The Geography of Georgia

Unit 2: GA's Beginnings

Unit 3: The Colony of Georgia

Unit 4: Georgia in the Revolution

First Nine Weeks Exam Review Sheet

Exam Review Answers

Unit 4 Review Sheet

Unit 4 Review Sheet Answers

Unit 4 Graphic Organizers

Unit 4 Revolutionary Era Review Sheet

*Unit 4 Reassessment on Thursday 10/31: In order to reassess, students must Join Google Classroom and turn in questions and complete Quizizz (2) practice. Google Classroom code: d96ivo

Unit 5: Georgia's Westward Expansion and Indian Removal

Unit 5 Review Sheet

Unit 5 Review Sheet Answers

Unit 5 Summary Sheet

Unit 6: Georgia in the Civil War and Reconstruction

Six Word Memoir/Summary

Unit 6 Summative Review Sheet

Unit 6 Review Sheet Answers

*Use Unit 4, Unit 5, and Unit 6 Quizizz codes to review. They are active and have been updated.

*Exam review sheet answers can be found on the Unit 4, Unit 5, and Unit 6 Review Sheet answers. Questions for exam review were taken off these sheets.

Unit 7: Georgia during the New South Era

Unit 7 Review Sheet

Activities and notes can be found in the Google Classroom.

Quizizz Codes: 779402, 986601, 665951

Unit 8: World War I and The Great Depression

Quizizz codes: 477956, 050587, 238959, 764345, 988643, 765111

Unit 8 Review Sheet

Unit 8 Review Answers

Unit 9: World War II and The Rise of Modern Georgia

Quizizz Codes WWII: 590887

Quizizz Codes Post WWII: 923193, 275965, 998379

Unit 9 Study Guide Answers

Third Nine Weeks Exam Materials

Exam Review Sheet

Quizizz Review for Exam: 022715

Review Sheet Answers