Señor Granda

Spanish 1                                     Spanish 2                                                                                                             


         (706) 556-5980 



         (706) 556-5980 


2023-2024 Schedule     Google Classroom Codes 

Spanish 1 1st period                                                              j6opqnz                                       

Spanish 1 2nd  period                                                            uoysfdx 

3rd period planning 

Spanish 1 4th period                                                              n57wgvc                    

Spanish 2 5th period                                                             ajz6hby 

Spanish 2 6th period                                                             euyvuwe 

Spanish 1 7th period                                                              kokwbvt                  

Google Classroom Codes: All students should be in Google Classroom for the class/period they are enrolled. This is where I will post class resources, assignments, and reminders. It is the student's responsibility to check Google Classroom daily. I encourage you to have your child show you what they are working on in class.   

Course description

The Spanish I language course focuses on foundation elements of the language. The student will navigate through basic words and formation of sentences. The student will learn a lot of vocabulary that they will need not only for this class but future levels of Spanish. The student will learn about different countries in the Spanish speaking world. The daily activities in this class will require students to speak, write, and read in Spanish. 


Be on time.

  Always show respect for the teacher and other students.

Bring all required materials to class DAILY.

 Keep up with your grades. 

When you need help – ASK!

Have a good attitude and always be WORK READY 


These are basic rules of behavior that will help the class go smoothly each day.  These are in addition to those in the Student Code of Conduct Handbook.


All phones, ear buds, headphones, or other personal electronics should be turned off and put away BEFORE students enter the classroom. If our classroom activity requires the use of personal devices, I will let the class know. Otherwise, students must keep all personal electronics off and put away.


Communication:  As shown above you can contact me via email anytime or calling the school during not instructional times. The students will have access to google classroom where assignments and projects will also be posted. There is also a message feature in google classroom if you need some clarification and have questions. 

Course materials

Spanish Online Textbooks:

Online textbooks can be accessed through ClassLink and is located under High School (My HRW-HS icon).

Although is not a requirement I will be encouraging the use of Duolingo. My approach is that I want students to see and practice Spanish outside of the classroom as it becomes second nature to them.