Sacha Curtis

Harlem High School Room 604

English/Language Arts

2019-2020 Class Schedule

1st period: 9th grade

2nd period: Planning

3rd period: 9th grade

4th period: 10th grade

5th period: 10th grade

6th period: 9th grade

7th period: 10th grade

Contact information:


Phone: 706-556-5980 x 5834

Attention Parents:

  • Due to the overwhelming issues of cellphones being a distraction. My students will put their phones in their book bags and place them in the front of my classroom. If you need to contact them, please call the office.
  • Thank you for your cooperation.

Google Classroom Information:

  • 1st yygsdob
  • 3rd no4itae
  • 4th y5kxxbv
  • 5th fiqadfv
  • 6th dnod44p
  • 7th 3omg6ju

Remind Information

  • 1st @curtis1pd
  • 3rd @curtis3pd
  • 4th @curtis4pd
  • 5th @curtis5pd
  • 6th @curtis6pd
  • 7th @curtis7pd