RMS Spirit Rock Rental

Reserve the RMS spirit rock to celebrate birthdays, accomplishments, wish someone good luck on a competition, congratulatory events, thank a teacher, etc.

If you wish to rent the rock during the 20-21 school year, please complete the form below. Rock rental reservations will be taken on a first come, first serve basis. After verifying your rental date is available, you will receive an email with instructions on how to pay via RevTrak. The cost to rent the rock is $10 for a 48 hour period.

Rules of the Rock

1. Rental is first come, first serve. There are no cancellations or refunds. Rental is for rain or shine. Please bring exact change for payment (cash or check payable to RMS).

2. Renter is responsible for all supplies to paint the rock. Expect to use at least 4 cans of spray paint or 1 gallon of exterior paint for your base coat to cover up the previousmessage.

3. Rock rental begins at 4pm of the night before the first day of your reservation and ends at4pm on the last day of your reservation. (Example: Megan’s birthday is October 2 nd, and her best friend reserves the rock for October 2nd & 3rd . The reservation begins at 4pm on October 1st and ends at 4pm on October 3rd .

4. All rules outlined in the Student Code of Conduct must be followed. No profanity, obscenity, derogatory language, bullying, racial slurs, or any other inappropriate material/symbols/gestures.

5. Rock rental is only available during the academic calendar year.

6. Renter should clean up area around the rock after finished painting.

Spirit Rock 2017-2018.pdf