Drama Club

Preparing for the show, there are a lot of different purchasing options. Please contact Mrs. Starcher if you have any questions about various items.

Costume Needs

Drama Costume Responsibilities

Above is the list of costume responsibilities for each role in the performance. Students can start bringing in the assigned article on February 27th but should be in by March 5th. Please write your child's name in the article of clothing and place it in a plastic bag with his/her name on it.

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Role Assignment for Seussical the Musical

Website Listing of Roles

Congratulations to all students for an INCREDIBLE job at auditions! The judges were blown away with the amazing talent. Please look at the list to the left to find out the role assignment for the year.

Students with a * next to their name are also a part of our tech crew.

If your child was assigned one of the following roles, please encourage them to memorize their lines as soon as possible. Also, this speaking part will require additional morning rehearsals. Please look below the list for dates.

HortonJojoGertrude McFuzzCat 1Cat 2Cat 3Mr. MayorMrs. MayorMayzie LabirdSour KangarooYoung KangarooWickersham Brother 1Wickersham Brother 2Wickersham Brother 3Judge YertleVlad VladikoffJungle Citizen 1Jungle Citizen 2Jungle Citizen 3Jungle Citizen 4Jungle Citizen 5Talk Show HostMarshall

Extra Practice Schedule for Speaking Roles

Speaking Roles: Extra Morning Rehearsals

Songs to Practice

Alone in the Universe.mp4

Alone in the Universe

Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham.mp4
The One Feather Tail of Miss Gertrude McFuzz with voice leads.mp4

The One Feather Tail of Gertrude McFuzz

Oh, the Thinks You Can Think

Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! 2.mp4
Here on Who.mp4

Here on Who!

It’s Possible.mp4

It's Possible

Horton Sits on the Egg.mp4

Horton Sits on an Egg

Monkey Around

Monkey Around.mp4

Oh, The Thinks (Ending)

oh the thinks end.mp4

RRE Drama Calendar