Dr. Ray's Website

Daily Schedule - Room 214

  • First Period: Pre-AP 9 Literature
  • Second Period: planning
  • Third Period: Pre-AP Literature
  • Fourth Period: 9 Literature
  • Fifth Period: Pre-AP 9 Literature
  • Sixth Period: Pre-AP 9 Literature
  • Seventh Period: Pre-AP 9 Literature

The easiest way to contact me is by email:


Google Classroom Codes

First Period: vzmcj2

Third Period: 1fgivj5

Fourth Period: gfxt7e4

Fifth Period: hl5p0z

Sixth Period: 7e9pfsa

Seventh Period: l1rqug

Remind Codes

First Period: @RayPreAP1

Third Period: @RayPreAP3

Fourth Period: @Ray9Lit

Fifth Period: @RayPreAP5

Sixth Period: @RayPreAP6

Seventh Period: @RayPreAP7

Supply List for all Classes:

1. 3-Ring Binder

2. Lots of College-Rule Paper

3. Blue/Black Pens

4. Highlighter

5. Index Cards

6. A Report Folder

7. A Positive Attitude

8. Donations of Kleenex and Hand Sanitizer will be greatly appreciated!!

9. Dividers (optional)