Hi there!

My name is Mrs. Goodman!

I am SO excited to be your teacher this year! I have the pleasure of learning and growing with you this year - something I am forever grateful for.

Together, we are going to embark on a year full of diverse novels and short stories, deep academic discussions, and critical thinking.

And of course, the Pre-AP course is designed to challenge the way you think, speak, and write - because these are the skills we use every single day!

All I ask is that you bring your 100% to the classroom and I'll bring my 110%.

"With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?"

Oscar Wilde


  • Come to class prepared and ON TIME! If you had homework, it should be complete. If you had readings, you should have read.

  • Be a KIND, RESPECTFUL, and COURTEOUS human to myself and your peers!

  • Food and drinks are fine but PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. Food on the floor atracts bugs. Bugs are yuck.

  • Technology (phones, tablets, computers, etc.) are ONLY permitted for learning purposes. TikTok and Snapchat aren't learning tools (although I do find helpful tips on TikTok every now and then).

  • Give your 100% in everything you do!


  • Participate! I want to hear your thoughts, opinions, discussions, etc.! It's what makes the best classroom!


  • pens/pencils

  • loose leaf notebook paper

  • 3 ring binder

  • highlighters

  • index cards

  • tissues [optional but very kind ☺]

  • hand sanitizer [optional but very kind ☺]


  • 1st: Planning

  • 2nd: English 10

  • 3rd: Pre-AP 10

  • 4th: Pre-AP 10

  • 5th: English 10

  • 6th: Pre-AP 10

  • 7th: Pre-AP 10


Tuesday + Thursday,



Every single person learns differently. Some are visual. Others are auditory. Some simply work best with the standard "chalk and talk". In this class, you will have various ways to show what you have learned throughout each unit.

With that being said, here's a breakdown of the grading policy:

  • 70% - Test, Writings, Projects, Presentations, etc.

  • 30% - Quizzes, Daily Work, Homework, etc.

      • The average of each nine weeks makes up 80% of the semester grade.

      • The semester exam/EOC makes up 20% of the semester grade.

You will have the opportunity for credit recovery and test retakes.


      • You must sign up for a meeting with me

      • You must submit a "request to retake" form, including you and your parent/guardian signature

Any writing may be revised and rewritten within one week of paper being returned

Retests are permitted

Correction of test questions are permitted to earn 1/2 credit back per missed question.

Please see me during class to discuss further.


What is your late work policy?

  • You may turn in late work but at a price of an automatic deduction of 10 points.

Oh no! I missed class!

  • Don't panic!

  • If you know of an upcoming absence:

    • See me to discuss what you will miss and what work you can do while you are out to help you stay caught up.

  • If you miss class:

    • It is your responsibility to make up missing work. Per the CCBOE guidlines, you have 5 days to turn in missing work for an excused absence.

How can I contact you?

  • Email is the best way to contact me! I check it regularly.

Why didn't you respond to my email at 10 PM last night?

  • I will respond to emails up until 8 PM each weekday. After these hours, I am no longer available for communication until the following morning. Please do not contact me with a crucial question the night before an assignment is due.

I just turned in my *late* assignment. Why have you not corrected my grade?

  • All grading will be done in a timely manner. When you turn in late work, please do not expect for it to be assessed immediately. Your grade will be updated as soon as I can.

Mrs. Jessica Goodman

Room 206

Evans High School

4550 Cox Road

Evans, GA 30809

Phone: 706-863-1198

Ext: 5859


      • Pre-AP English: 10Goodman

      • English: Goodman10