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Click on the 6-8 Link for the Georgia Standards of Excellence for Computer Science. These are  detailed topics that will be discussed, and learned in this course. Much of the student work is done in class, and on the computer. Students are always welcome to work ahead, and at home any time.

Click on the link below to access the Georgia Standards. Scroll to page #4. Click on the BLUE 6-8 Link

LINK: Computer Science Standards -

Condensed Version of the Standards for the Computer Science Course:

FUNDAMENTALS OF COMPUTER PROGRAMMING: This 7th & 8th grade course is designed to introduce students to the basics of computers and their programming operations. This course explores Digital Design, Careers in Technology, Cyber Security, Online Safety, Basic Programming and Coding.  There is opportunity to build  and program robots too.  Our class has Sphero, Dash, Ozobot, Charle Robot, Vex Robots, Microbit cars and Circuit Blox; we even have a Virtual Reality headset. 

FOUNDATIONS OF SECURE INFORMATION: This 6th grade course is designed to introduce students to Online safety, and how to increase Internet security by developing strong secure passwords, and recognition of bad websites and Malware. Through Digital Citizenship, students learn the protocols to protect themselves, their personal information and others. They learn how to be responsible citizens while on the Internet and while on Social Media interacting with others. This course also delves into the components and parts of a computer; to include, the hardware and software.