Columbia County Board of Education Policy on Grading:

  • Grading Policy IHAB
  • Analyzing scores that fall outside the students’ typical performance to determine instructional or learning implications.
  • Giving credit for reassessments by determining student mastery based on the most recent evidence or by averaging initial assessment scores with reassessment scores per teacher discretion.
  • Weighting formative assessments less than summative assessments.
  • Giving incomplete work or work below 60 a code of “M” in the grade book and requiring students to reassess after remediation and/or reteaching.

Per this policy, progress report grades and course averages in Parent Portal maybe lower due to the "M''s given for assessments and formative assignments below a 60. The "M" calculates as a zero instead of the score the student earned. The student's actual score is in the comments section.

Students will be given the opportunity to reassess all prior assessments with the 9 weeks test to be given. Scores will be averaged together and then recorded to replace the M's. Students may also makeup missing assignments and finish/revisit labs to raise scores if they have received below a 60.

Lakeside High School Science Department: Freshman Academy Biology, Gifted/IB/Gifted IB Biology Freshman Academy, and Sophomore Biology

Varsity Football/Competition and Game Day Cheer Coach

Miss LHS Pageant Director

1st Period: Freshman Biology

2nd Period: Gifted/IB Biology

3rd Period: Freshman Biology

4th Period: Planning

5th Period: Freshman Biology

"C" Lunch

6th Period: Freshman Biology

7th Period: Freshman Biology, Gifted/IB Biology

Mrs. Blair 2019 Open House Slide

Even though we come from different backgrounds, we share a common thread. We all chose our own Destiny. Success or Failure. Which path will you choose? CEB

Parents and Students,

Welcome to an exciting year of Biology. My name is Cynthia Blair and I am certified to teach 9-12 Biology, 7-12 Broad Field Science, and Gifted K-12. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from Georgetown College and a Master's Degree in Education from Marshall University. I am proud to be starting my 19th year of teaching at Lakeside High School. In addition to teaching, I am the director of the Miss LHS Pageant, Mac the Panther sponsor, Game Day Cheerleading Coach, Varsity Football and Competition Cheerleading Coach, and Curriculum Supervisor for Western Governor University Education Program.

I am available by phone, email or remind messenger. My email address is You may also leave a voicemail at 706-863-0027, ext. 5810. Or you may send me a message through Remind Messenger. I have fourth period planning, and am available for help after school until 3:10 pm. I ask that your student schedule with me in advance when they want to come in for extra help.

I have high expectations for my students and believe that all students can learn and be successful. They will need to study every night. I post the week ahead on my board and also send it out in remind as well as send additional reminders out for upcoming test/project dates. Please take the time for both you and your student to sign up for my remind.