Mrs. Rowland

Resource Teacher 502

Daily Schedule

1st Period - 6th grade ELA with Beemer

2nd Period - Planning

3rd Period - 7th grade ELA with Hinson

4th Period - 7th grade ELA with Hinson

5th Period - 6th grade ELA with Beemer

6th Period - Planning

Email - I will check my mail throughout the day. This is the best and quickest way to get in touch with me.

Google Voice Number - 706-828-1926 You may use this number to call or text me if you have an urgent need or question.

Google Classroom Codes -

6th grade ELA - sphwghe (with Mrs. Beemer)

7th grade ELA - yfrwqj2 (with Mrs. Hinson) 3fa6sdf 3fa6sdf

Joining Google Classroom is a requirement for every student. This is where daily assignments, test dates, and most information will be posted. Students can log in to Classlink, click on Google Classroom, and Add (+) then enter the code.

Directions for logging into Classlink:

Grading Policies

Summative = 70% Summative grades are given less frequently, such as bigger tests over more information.

Formative = 30% Formative grades are given more frequently, such as quizzes and class work to check for understanding and show where additional teaching is needed.

Welcome to CMS!! It is going to be an AMAZING year!!