Mrs. Corbitt

About me!

I graduated from the University of Georgia in May of 2020, and I have been teaching for two years at Middle Schools and one year at Evans High School. I enjoy teaching Algebra and am excited to continue doing so and continue learning to be the best teacher I can be. I am the Head Volleyball Coach as well. If you are a part of extra activities let me know so I can come support you. I have been married for two years and enjoy hiking, playing sports, and playing with my niece! 

Main Schedule: 

1st period: 7:35-8:27

2nd period: 8:32- 9:24

3rd period: 9:29-10:23

4th period: 10:28-11:20

5th period: 11:25-12:46  A Lunch ( 11:25-12:46) B Lunch (11:51-12:18) C Lunch (12:18-12:46)

6th period: 12:51-1:43

7th period: 1:48-2:40

Contact me: 

Materials Needed

Google Classroom codes: 

1st: 4gck5mx

2nd: frhajh3

3rd: nytkko4

4th: bf7foog

5th: ynw6zbj

7th: wdysjuk

Pencil + Erasers

Binder (3 ring binder)

Notebook Paper

TI30XS Multiview (Calculator is very important to have)