Welcome to American Government and World History at Lakeside High School. I am Mrs. Bourns, and I am looking forward to learning and working with you as your history teacher this school year.

The goal of studying history and about the functions of our government is to enhance critical thinking and analytical skills while developing student awareness of the diversity and complexity of human social, cultural, political, and economic institutions.

The study of history is far more than the rote memorization of names and dates. While chronology and knowledge of the basic facts of history are necessary, the study of history involves sorting out those facts to create coherent systems of understanding the human experience. The goal is to have fun while gaining valuable knowledge that students will use for a lifetime.

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1st period: American Government

2nd period: American Government

3rd period: Planning

4th period: American Government

5th period: World History

6th period: World History

7th period: American Government


Name: Jennifer Bourns

Email: jennifer.bourns@ccboe.net


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